My Dishwasher Theology
If you want to get to the core questions of Christian faith with members of a Christian faith community, you have to wash the dishes with them after the Sunday coffee hour. That is where the big questions are asked and discussed. That is where the learning happens and the deep spiritual experiences can form disciples. This book tries to provide ministers, seminarians or interested Christians with food for thought for some of the typical questions you would encounter when washing the dishes with parishioners. “Do you believe in the Bible?”, “Are not all religions the same?”, “What about heaven and hell?”. This book tries not to give finished answers, but intends to help the reader to develop an answer themselves.
"Stephany offers a composition that fits for both teachers and students, veterans and novices, using a key educational tool: 'in a living relationship, nothing is static.' This short book connects the modern heart with historic poets, saints, and theologians in negotiating the big questions of Christian faith in today's liquid times."
The Rev'd Dr. Stuart Mennigke, Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver
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